Cooking Equipment – Historical Images


We have pots, fry pans, tools and the combination of items these are made out of. Below are images from both items and art that represent historical cooking items.

Figure 1 - Cooking pot from 1340 - 1440 London - Pottery (British Museum)

Figure 2 - Knives, about AD 1406; Sheath, about AD 1406-1410 (British Museum)

Figure 3 - Copper alloy cauldron with three feet. - 13th to 15th c (Museum of London, 2010)

Figure 4 - 15th c Ceramic pipkin, wheel thrown, lead glazed. (British Museum)

Figure 5- 1489 German - Die Geubert der Maria - Schwabischer Meister

Figure 6 - 1551 The camp of Charles V at Lauingen in the year 1546 - Camp Kitchen - Mattias Gerung

Figure 7 – 1570 - Bartolomeo Scappi - Opera


About historiccooking

A wife and mother of one little girl who is still a YUPPIE that just happens to enjoy recreating history - all aspects of how people lived in the medieval era, specifically my research focuses on 14th and 15th century England and this blog will discuss the food, cooking, equipment, and life around food in that period.

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